FCPS - FindOutFirst
An Important Message about School Safety

To Our FCPS Community:

In light of the recent tragedy at a Connecticut elementary school, FCPS reminds our community about the emphasis schools place on safety, emergency preparedness and communication.

Schools take many steps to ensure that students have a safe place to learn.  From planning and preparation to safety drills, our approach is to be proactive when it comes to safety. 

Below is a partial list of school safety measures:

*All schools have emergency plans, train staff and hold regular safety drills. 

have excellent relationships with local law enforcement and other agencies, and FCPS is constantly evaluating and updating our procedures. 

*Sheriff deputies serve as resource officers in all of our high schools and feeder patterns.

*We have security cameras in all high and middle schools and 35 elementary schools.

*All schools have card key entrance systems.

*All employees wear ID badges, and our maintenance workers wear uniforms.

A key to keeping our schools safe is good communication.  We encourage community members, students and staff to report suspicious activity or any concerns to the Safe Schools Tip Hotline:  1-877-636-6332, local law enforcement and school administrators and/or teachers as soon as possible.

The public may notice an increased presence of School Resource Officers at our elementary schools today. This is to reassure our students that we take their safety seriously and work together with the community for their protection.  There is no increased threat to any schools in Frederick County.

Helpful resources for talking with children about school safety and violence are online:

School counselors are also available to assist any parent, child or employee with concerns.

Let us work together to keep everyone safe in Frederick County.